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Employee Provident Fund

We provide services in the areas of PF and ESIC
We are render PF and ESI Service through  most experienced and professional staff who are not only well versed and updated with law but also have profound knowledge to be an expert PF ESI Consultant.

  • Documentations
  • Maintenance of Records Statutory Registers
  • ESI & PF Registrations
  • Consultancy on Labor Law matters
  • Filing of ESI & PF Returns
  • Preparation of Salary slips & ensuring compliance with applicable laws
  • Advise on applicability of ESI & PF
  • Advising on appropriate Salary Structure
  • Preparation and Submission of Periodical Statutory Reports.
  • Correspondence Compliance with officials whenever required.
  • Correspondence/Liaison with ESI PF relevant government labour Departments.
  • Matters regarding worker compensation claims.

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